Meet Our SFH Owner/CEO and her Enjoyment

June 22, 2019


#mystory #hawaiismallbusiness #entrepreneur

Empower, Encourage and Inspire. My name is May Del Rosario business owner/CEO of

Starfitness Hawaii. I should say that I have come a long way but those words do not resonate in

my present time. I have accomplished completing my BA on Exercise and Science, PT, Fitness

Specialists Military, MLT, the list goes on. I have practiced many forms of dance from classical

Ballet in Japan since I was 8, spoke 3 languages currently English is the worldly

communication. Ran track and field growing up I was the fastest in my team, played Flag

football, sports and many athletic activities that I can get into to stay focus and stay out of

trouble. I have a passion for saving animals as a kid I’d take home kittens and hide them in my

closet until I’d get in trouble. I’ll hand over my last $1 to someone who needs it. I am an expert

of my own movement and practice. My personal healing is my zen meditation keeps me on track

like a spiritual GPS. What I’m getting at ...I realized I have been successfully thinking of chasing

my dream when I have been living it all along. My vision and desire to live a Hallmark life in

memory that I can progress to continue to smile, reflect and share to enjoy it to those who have

similar energy and desire. I am continuing my new life discovery, exploring the impossible and

challenging the very core of my being. I am looking forward into my future, to enjoy the heavenly

realm of my existence with no judgments but truly fulfilled life. Thanks for sharing your sparkles

💥⚡✨💥💫with me much love to our world 🌎☄☀🌪🌈🌙❤💕Shine Bright☀💫

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