May and I met four years ago as she became my fitness coach for a weight management health program.  At that time I was searching for a means to make changes in my life where my weight was concerned.  After years of roller-coasting, up and down, this program felt right to build my health and well-being but most of all, the fitness coach was an inspiration.  May was fit, healthy, strong and dynamic; there was something “special” about her that I found to be captivating.  Her classes were fun which motivated me to work out.  The individual training sessions empowered me into a physical rhythm that my body had forgotten over the years…hard work, enjoyment and fun!  


After a year the program ended and I continued with May as a personal trainer at StarFitness Hawaii. As a coach she was disciplined, challenging and tough but also patient and understanding that encouraged me to go the extra mile; go past my limit. The various outdoor activities at parks and beaches added variety to the workout experience and working out with other team members encouraged team spirit and cooperation.  The workouts were diverse consisting of circuit training, obstacle courses, PIYO, swimming, turbo kickboxing, weight training, running, self-defense, hiking, aerobics, etc. Even though the workouts were difficult, I walked away with new knowledge, gained confidence and endurance which strengthened my body, mind and spirit.  One of my biggest accomplishments (especially being in my 50’s) was participating on StarFitness Hawaii Team Spartan and crossing the finish line for the Spartan race.  I’ve always wanted to participate in an obstacle race all my life but never thought it possible, even in my younger days being an avid tennis player.  

The PIYO, Reiki and meditation sessions worked the core strength, flexibility and relaxation for my body, mind and spirit.  


Conversations with May about life, it’s challenges, experiences, leadership, spirituality, God, positivity, teamwork, and anything you can think of was the “gem” because this is where our relationship grew into a life-long friendship…a gift I will always treasure!  I am deeply thankful for the opportunities, team spirit community, and positive experiences of health and well-being at StarFitness Hawaii.   There were times of difficulty when I allowed other things to take priority over my health and well-being but May and StarFitness Hawaii was always there for me to work through the routine and come out being even stronger.  Mahalo nui loa!

Donna Shaver

I first met May when I took some weight training and fitness classes at Kulana Hawaii.  I loved her energy and she was so motivating!  In spite of my initial progress, I let work and life in general  get in the way and I completely stopped working out.


In 2009, I was blessed to serve as a physician for an interisland sail on the traditional voyaging canoe, Hokuleʻa.  I didn’t resume involvement with the Polynesian voyaging society (PVS) until a friend wanted to develop a cadre of physicians that could serve as medical officers for upcoming voyages.   I began taking beginning and intermediate sailing classes through PVS to prepare.  At the time, Hokuleʻa was preparing for Mālama Honua, her current around the world voyage.


In November 2014, I got a last minute call that a medical officer was needed for a leg in New Zealand (December 2014).  I wasn’t expecting to sail this soon and hadn’t started my physical training!  Suddenly, I had 10 days to pass my physical fitness test!  I panicked and then remembered that May had been a great, motivational trainer.  I called her and asked her if she would do personal training with me.  I told her my time line and what I had to do to pass the tests (swimming, running, pushups, etc.).  She calmed me down and proceeded to put me through a fitness and diet program that involved exercising 2 to 3 hours a day!  I passed my test (except for the pull ups but that was OK for the NZ sailing legs), but the most amazing thing to me was that I did not injure my 50+ year old body with this intense workout!  I will always be grateful to May for her assistance in preparing me for my voyage on Hokuleʻa!


May always told me that she knew what my body was capable of and that I wouldn’t get hurt.  She was absolutely right about that and I continue to marvel at her knowledge and expertise.   I have continued to work out with May but now choose mostly to take dance, pilates and piyo (part yoga ) classes with her.  Her energy is infectious and she always makes you feel good.  Thanks May for all you do!!

Dr. Martina Kamaka

Starfitness Hawaii has a unique approach to fitness that challenges you to improve not just physically, but mentally too. May and her team offer so many different classes that will keep your body guessing and your soul happy. This is not your normal gym and this will be evident as soon as you start your first class. Mahalo to the Starfitness Hawaii team!

Xavier Davis

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